Domestic, Residential and Small Scale Projects

Some of the main structural engineering services that SLS Design Consultants provide are renovations, extensions, structural inspections, independent investigations and reports. Structural engineering is crucial for accurate design & construction, risk analysis, effective cost and material estimation.

Inspection and assessment of existing structures

SLS carries out structural inspection surveys which assesses the structural integrity of a property. Structural inspections may be required for a variety of reasons ranging from a property surveyor needing a more detailed investigation to a property renovation which needs the structure of the property to be altered significantly. This could be a property extension, an extension that requires planning permission or a property that has a specific structural problem such as cracking walls or a property which has had damage after a fire.

Property Renovations

When you come to be in need of a minor or major home/office renovation, a structural engineer’s expertise will be needed to provide crucial information such as technical drawings and calculations to your building contractor to be used during the renovation process and for obtaining building regulation approval.
There will most likely be the need for a planning permission in order to comply with building regulations, especially in the case of property extensions. Our structural engineers are also highly experienced in services such as: Chimney removal, Loft conversion, Roof replacement, Internal wall repair or removal, Internal wall modification and Door and window modification or removal

Our clients

We have a portfolio of impressive clients, successfully delivering projects across sectors including Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Education, Health and Residential.

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